Hacked by El Moujahidin Hacked by El Moujahidin

#Free Hamza Bendelladj #Free Palestine

Tell Your Gov , To Know About Palestine
We Will Countinue Hacking The Sites , To Send The Message Of Our Palestine And All Arabs
We Dont Accept Killing Muslims Evry Where, Stop Killing US
#We Are El Moujahidin Team We Will Not End This War
#AttaCker fr0m
We Are : [!] # Akram Stelle ~ Laakel En Person ~ Matrix Dz ~ Max_dz ~ Admirale_Mouh ~ Ouss_Dz ~ Abdou Qs ~ Red Hell Sofyan ~ Nitro Gen ~ Daya illi ~ Lahcen NB ~ Mr Dz ~ # [!]



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